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Hey guys!

We are already mid-week and I can’t believe it. This week is flying by. Today we were spoiled with a breakfast buffet featuring lots of noodles, rice, eggs, potatoes, toast, veggies, tea and COFFEE! After filling up we all headed our separate ways to the village. My two week village immersion folk split straight into two groups when we arrived at the village. One group continued the sanding from Monday and the other group started to move dirt — Cambodian style. After three hours of grueling work we took a break for lunch. Some of the teachers took a little snooze and the rest of the volunteers were introduced to the card game Yaniv. (thanks Monica!) After our community lunch we all headed back to work for two more hours. We split into the same two groups and continued our projects.  With the help of Chinly (school principle’s ADORABLE two year old daughter) we just about finished all of our sanding and COMPLETELY finished moving dirt to the foundation. Ahead of schedule! You guys busted your butts!

After our work day was done we were swarmed by two of our teacher’s (Adele and Maddy) last class of the day. Each child had to say three sentences in English (What is your name?, How old are you? Nice to meet you.) before they could leave class. I keep seeing improvement in their pronunciation each and every day. It’s wonderful. After this we headed back into town to meet back up with the 2 week village and elephant group. (Domdin’s blog with them below).


Twins (imeansisters!!) Emily and Kate 🙂


Kate soaking up Chinly’s mighty sanding skills.


But Luke showing her how it’s ACTUALLY done.


Yaniv! (thanks Monica!)


Teacher’s planning


Helen and Clare


Lunch time!





Two week Village and Elephant:

Hello all the blog readers,

It is the second day at the building project at the village today. After breakfast and we catching up in the Tuk Tuk in the morning and we arrived at the village at 8 am. We split to two groups. The first group moved all the rubbish and stuff form the way that the building will be on. The second group moved dirt in front of the school to fill up in the place and made a level. After one hour and half, the first group has finished their work and they have short break and everyone had water and relax. Ten minutes later, the first group came to help the second group to carry and move dirt in front of school to fill it up on the lower part at the building location. Everyone work really hard!

Form 11am-01 pm we had a lunch break. It was a really good lunch and we were really enjoy with our meals so much. We had such as a delicious foods. After we had a nice meals, the first and second group we work together to finish moving dirt to fill it up it the place and ready to make a concrete floor by tomorrow. They were really happy with moving dirt to fill it up on the place. Even the weather was very hot today but every still keep their lovely smile faces and keep doing their work. The end of the day they finished it. La-or nas (good job)! When we finished with currying and moving dirt, we played soccer with the kids and some of us helped the kids to understand English. It was a fun day!

Tomorrow we are going to make a concrete floor. 🙂

After the two groups met back up and dinner was finished a few volunteers headed to open mike night to watch Nick grace the stage! He is going to be known around Cambodia before long!

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Update from teachers:

This just in from Siem Reap, teachers teaming up at BFOK school. M and A causing manic in the classroom with a creative game to teach children the English names for colours. Poor Luke had no idea what was coming for him as children chased him for his orange and grey t-shirt. The Hokey Pokey was heard across all four classrooms, loud and clear, displaying adequate language skills. A sauce tells us to be on the look out for the Cha Cha Slide, as teachers again connect language with movement. It can be certain that with the new teaching teams, learning will be richer and children’s english development stronger.
You know you love us.
Reach out Volunteers
(Adele and Madison)


Maddy and Adele

Tomorrow will be another long day of work!

Stay tuned!

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