We say farewell to KID TEA

The day had come at last. We managed to cram so much into each day that this final day sort of crept up on us all. We said our goodbyes to the school today.

With this in mind, the team managed to hit the tasks this morning with the same enthusiasm that they did on the first day. Well almost the same, no one was looking fondly at the new truck load of dirt. I never thought dirt could be evil until now.

They had brought in another truck load of dirt for us to move to fill in the pits and level out the areas that would become the new play areas. This was truck load number four!

We finished off the brick, rendered and meshed fence by the end of the day. There were now garden features surrounding the pathways, the classrooms and the trees. The two trash ridden pits at the end of the fence had been cleaned up and completely levelled out, with a huge effort from everyone to clear these areas and get them to their current state.

Then finally everyone got together to plant small shoots of grass all along these two areas. One will be a sitting area for the students, the other will be more of a playground. The changes the volunteers have made in a such a short time . . . staggering.

These importance of these features cannot be overstated. Reach out has only recently started at this school and the first thing we did there were the essentials. The classrooms. The projects we did in the last two weeks are just as important for this education free school. They install a sense of pride in the students, a place they are eager to come to every day to learn. It also makes the place more attractive for volunteer teachers to come and teach these children, so that more people like Megan (An Australian who runs the teacher volunteer segment of the school) will come to teach at the school!

The fence, the new grass and the garden make this place more real. It gives this place a sense of being that wasn’t there before. It makes this place more attractive to additional support. The goal is to make this place self sufficient so that they no longer need to lean on us and we can move onto other schools. These last two weeks and the work that has been accomplished has been a major step towards this goal!


The final lunch with us all together at KID TEA.


Everyone writing their name on the wall, to commemorate their accomplishments.


So Phara showing a very heartfelt appreciation for the work the volunteers have done.

I want to say a big thank you to all the friends and family that have followed this blog all the way through. I have really enjoyed these last two weeks and the experiences I’ve had with the volunteers and being able to share that with you guys.

Reach Out Volunteers strives to help these impovrished countries by providing support to these amazing communities to give these people the same opportunities that we ourselves take for granted. However as the majority of our volunteers are university students, we cannot be here year round. If you would like to make a donation to support communities like KID TEA so that they can continue to thrive during the times Reach Out cannot be here then follow this link.

Reach Out Charity

Thank you for all your support. For those following the village immersion volunteers, you’ll be seeing your loved ones soon! As for the ones following those going to the elephant refuge, we have another adventurous week ahead of us!

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