We up in here!

Sues’day to my old and new blog readers!!

My name is Katelyn! Domdin and I will be the team leaders this week for the village immersion crew and the continuation of the teaching program 🙂 I just arrived back from leading a program at the elephant sanctuary and excited to be back in the city to welcome a new group! Just a little bit about myself for the newbie readers — I am from the wild wild (mid)west back in the states (Ohio!) and recently graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in dietetics. I started with Reach Out Volunteers about a year and a half ago as a volunteer and while abroad I fell in love with the countries we work in and the projects we do. After graduation I decided to continue work with them and quite frankly never looked back! I have been traveling with ROV since August — so far spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and my birthday in Cambodia with them and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Meeting all of the volunteers (your loved ones), changing villages and the lives of locals as well as the volunteers is such a surreal feeling and I am so excited to guide this next group into a trip of a life time!

Now enough about me!

Today Domdin and I spent the day traveling back and forth to the airport picking up 12 new volunteers! We have 6 people continuing on from last week (Andy, James, Will, Clare, Ellyse and Annelise) as well as 8 teachers (Emily, Adele, Kame, Lillian, Jess, Nick, Maddy, Amity) who are heading into their fourth and final week of teaching! They all spent the day relaxing and catching up on much needed sleep!

By 9pm the rest of the crew had arrived. We have Kaine (Australia), Aaron (Australia), Bronte (Australia), Tiffany (Australia), Hannah (Australia), Emma (Australia), Ella (Australia), Meg (Australia), Rebecca (Australia), Cat (England), Jessica (Australia), Maddy (Australia).

For dinner we all headed to a traditional Khmer restaurant where the newbies got to experiences their first Cambodian food! Chicken curry in a coconut was the hit of the night! After dinner we all headed to a restaurant overlooking the city to do some celebrating because we had some birthdays in da house! Today was Andy and Jame’s 19th birthday. I may be a bit biased but birthdays in Cambodia are pretty hard to top 😉 After stuffing full with strawberry cake and white chocolate, we got a few games of pool under our belts and called it a night. Tomorrow we start our morning bright and early at 7am! Super excited to get the ball rolling!

Blog out!

Kate xx


First dinner!