Wednesday is for Working!

Hi all back home!
Today was day 3 on the building site – and what a day it was!

Our project goal was to start on the walls of the house, so to see the hammering with 15 people was loud… is an understatement! We got half way up two walls as there was a lot of cutting of the wood in the process to make sure it fit around the window frames!

We finished the sanding and painting of all of the wooden planks today as well – phew! We had a lot of help from the students from the school – they came out on their public holiday to work alongside us and practice their english – it was a lot of fun!

At lunch we all divided into 6 groups and cooked lunch together, there were pork soup dishes, bok toy dishes, egg, rice, chilli and so much more! Delicious (CHENG-ENG!)

This afternoon we got back into the work, nailing, cutting measuring and having a great time. We had a water fight at the end – which was refreshing!

We then headed back to the school and played a mean game of basketball with the students and got stuck into dance class aswell!

In the evening, we all had a swim at a pool beside our guest house and then walked into town for dinner! After dinner we hit the markets and got to see a lady boy show – they love Beyonce as much as us!

Tomorrow is Angkor Wat day! We’re so excited! Stay tuned for some awesome photos – there’s going to be plenty of them!
As per requested from yesterday’s blog we’ll also include some tuk tuk photos and some food photos!


Sydney and Azim help lay the roof tiles!IMG_1483
Monique gets some company whilst painting the final planks!IMG_1485
Sam helped out with the vertical beams!IMG_1490
Richard (carefully) nailed the vertical beams to the roof!IMG_1491Esther made her way up and down from the ground to the roof carrying buckets of cement!
Azim and Bun worked well as a team!IMG_1494
Sydney helped to create the frame of the house!IMG_1496
Azim gets more work done alongside a local builder!IMG_1510
Our transport between the house and the school is a lot of fun!!IMG_1511 IMG_1522
Everyone working hard to get the walls up on the house!IMG_1526
Azim and Lisa get a helping hand!

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