Weekend :)

Hey hey, Sue Sdey………..

Today is the weekend day. We are all not going to work at the village. At 8am-9am in the morning everyone came down for their breakfast next doors. After we had a breakfast, everyone had their free time before getting to lunch. Some of them go to see the floating village and some go see landmine museum and shopping.

Our teachers and two weeks village immersion had a cooking class. They had banana salad with chicken, fish Amok and banana sweet for dessert. Everyone cooked and eta their foods. They seem really enjoy with their own foods and dessert. We also had lunch in the restaurant. After cooking class and lunch time, we had a hold free time in the afternoon. It was a bit hot in here so some of them go and enjoy with swimming pool next door from our hotel.

At 5.30 pm we had a dinner at the Khmer taste restaurant with really good place and food is very mummy. All the village immersion people went to the circus after they finished dinner. It was a very good performing. The show was shown about “Sokha”. This taking a girl who always has bad dreams come to her every times. It was really sad and in her life.

For those who loved ones are headed to the elephant refuge today (two week village and elephant crew) you can continue to follow the blog here: http://www.rovolunteers.com/cambodia-elephant-sanctuary-blog/

Time to say good night! 😉


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