Weekend antics

G’day guys, the weekend has come to a close. On Saturday we hit up Kulen Mountain and a beautiful waterfall in the morning and then headed to Angkor Wat in the afternoon. It was such an amazing day seeing this incredible area, how they built those temples I will never know. 

On Saturday night Davi flew to Nepal, then on Sunday morning Jamie, Morgan, Tommy, Kayla, Juli, Makenna, Lupita, Lupita and Courtz headed to the Cambodian Wildlife Sanctuary with team leader Jade. 

I have stayed in Siem Reap for another week with, Sabby, John and Jewell with new arrivals Jackson and Sarah from the Thai Elephants and first weekers, Katie, Li Ran and Mia. 

It’s a small group this week in the village but I’m almost certain we will finish this house, so stay tuned. 

We’re going to have such an amazing time and pictures will start being uploaded tomorrow 🙂