Weekend! Safe and sound for new arrival

Dear all my lovely people,
This week blog will be written by me Damdin Yean. And you also can me DD, Papa Dom or Big D 😉 😉
After a long week with working so hard we had some time at the weekend to exploring different place. Most of people in the group feel tired and want to relax before heading to the elephant sanctuary tomorrow, some of us went to Baray lake which is the second biggest lake in Cambodia. It also the biggest hand make in cambodia. We spend time there hang out on hammock by the big pool with a so refreshing air from the lake. It was so nice.
Also it is a pick time for new arrival people too. So i spent lots time at the airport. Now everyone is here 🙂 :)Everyone is so exited to start project tomorrow. We dinner after everyone come to bed to getting ready tomorrow.
Now tine to say goodnight to everyone. Thanks for following my blog.

Hammock time at Baray Lake


Have dinner