Sue Sdey! this is Domdin. I am am assistant team leader. I would to tell to all the blog readers about our activities from today. Today is our weekend and we didn’t go to work at the village. In the morning from 8 am-10 am everyone had a very nice breakfast next door and every really enjoyed their foods very much. After breakfast, we had a free time. Some of them went to see the floating village to see how to people life style there. They getting to know how the people live on the water. Some of them went for shopping and see day markets in town. It was a very nice day and great weekend. At 12: 30 pm we met all together in the lobby at our guesthouse and went for lunch at Karo restaurant which really good foods in there. It was about 2:30 pm we leaved from Karo and everyone had a couple hours before dinner. They had a time for swim and some went for shopping. At 5.30 pm we leaved from our guesthouse and we went for dinner at Khmer taste and Angkor famous restaurant which is a really good place and everyone love it!

After we had a great dinner at Khmer taste and Angkor famous restaurant, we went on the Tuk Tuk to see the Phare circus. It was an amazing for me and our volunteers. I can’t believe that i got that great time like that. At the show, they perform and acrobatics about the “Chills”. Everyone was really enjoy with the show. It was an amazing show ever. It took about an hour at the show and then we went back to our guesthouse.

It is the time to say good night! “Reatrey Sue Sdey!”


Phare Circus


Floating Village


Floating Village

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