Welcome to Cambodia! arrival day in Siem Reap


Kia ora, Hello and welcome to the blog that will be orchestrated by myself Robert Heaps over the next week. We will be working hard on the school projects beginning tomorrow and I will be uploading photos and details about our daily progress so friends and family can vicariously feel what their loved ones are experiencing on the amazing journey that Reach Out Volunteers provides. I am not the best photographer or sometimes writer however, please know I am doing my best and open for any requests of photos or information through the blog comments.

Anyway, more about today. We have had all of our volunteers safely arrive taking their first tuk tuk ride to the guesthouse where they will spend the week living and resting while we work on the up and coming project. Many beautiful faces from USA, Spain, Canada and Australia are beginning to get to know each other already at the dinner table, night markets, guesthouse and over some yummy cold rock ice cream. My favourite choice – fresh avocado, mango and kiwi fruit mixed and prepared directly in front of you for $2 🙂

Everyone is now sleeping peacefully recovering from their journey so they can fully appreciate our 6AM start and the beginning of the project tomorrow.

Until then, I will capture more photos and experiences to share with everyone tomorrow.

Warm regards,