Welcome To The Weekend!!

Friday was our last day at the village. We spent it completing our projects. 10 desks, 2 large tables for the teachers and a bookshelf to organize the mess of books that the school has recently acquired. The tables and book shelf added to chiseling to our list of jobs. We had to artfully go about it so that everything fit into its place. About half way through the day Natasha said her good byes :(. She has to be back at work on Monday and so had to leave us early. Its never easy to say good bye.




In the afternoon around 5PM we finished our building work! After some cheering and photo taking our epic 90 minute soccer match began; Volunteers vs students. Unfortunately we lost by a “thin margin” of 7 points. Ugh… Just Ugh…


We stayed at the school into the evening and had dinner, danced, and finally said our goodbyes. The students gifted all of us with a scarf and well wishes.

After a Huge emotional day of work and goodbyes Saturday brought a welcomed break. Most everyone went off on a tour of the nearby waterfall and Slept… all day. zzzzzzzz. Claire, Maddie, and Steffy stayed behind to explore Siem Reap a little more.

After we all reunited at dinner we went to see the most amazing show in Cambodia: PHARE! Phare is an acrobatic circus that takes disadvantaged youths from the near by city of Battambang and teaches them circus arts, music, and dance. These youths than perform in Siem Reap. The performance we saw tonight was the best I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen these show about 10 times now). It told the story of a woman who lived through the Khmer Rouge and how she rebuilt her life after the war. It was an unforgettable performance and the volunteers have counted it as on of the best parts of their cultural experience.


Tomorrow morning we head off to the elephant sanctuary! To keep up with our happenings after tonight check out the elephant blog here: http://www.rovolunteers.com/cambodia-elephant-sanctuary-blog/