Yesterday I welcomed nine new volunteers. They all made it, and even though there was a few bleary eyes as they tried to recover from jet lag you could tell how enthusiastic they were to begin at the projects. It’s a very exciting time and I can already tell this is going to be a really amazing group.


On the downside, I totally forgot to get a group photo this morning to show they all made it safe and sound (Sorry!) but I’ll have one up in about 10-12 hours of their first experience at the school.


I’ll introduce myself, I’m Stew, a team leader for Reach Out Volunteers and I’ll be co ordinating the volunteers over the next few weeks along side Domdin, our Cambodian team leader. I’ve travelled to over thirty different countries and have been a firefighter in Sydney for eight years. I was a volunteer with Reach Out a few years ago. The difference they made in such a short time was phenomenal and so rewarding that I wanted to get more involved. That was about the time I started working for them.

Here’s a photo of me last week at the Elephant sanctuary.DSC_0241

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