Well done guys

Hello all again,

today blog is awesome. Firstly, I would to say thank you so much to all my volunteers who worked so hard for this week. You guys so awesome!

After we had a breakfast at the hotel, we went on with tuk tut to the project site. When we got there in the morning we had to finish our brick layout. We had to mix cement before we can do brick layout. Everyone spender the whole morning to finish this work excepted one volunteer went to the classroom to help kids teach English to them and help kids with their English words and pronunciation. Finally, we have done with the brick laying by the end of the morning.

We came to the BFOK1 for lunch with a delicious foods at the community building. After we went to our project site. We mixed lots of lots cement for concrete. Most of people never done with this job but today they did that. We helped local builders to mix and do concrete floor.

In the event we went to see the carnival. It was much fun. We went on the bumper car, breaking balloon to get prices and had to see Cambodian night market. After that we came back to town for dinner. After dinner some of us went to night market and some went to massage. It was a really good day.

Goodnight everyone!



Mixing cement for brick layout and concrete

Selfie with kids in class

Concrete floor

Hand print after finish the building