We’re Just Getting Started!

What an adventure it has been so far here in Siem Reap! Last night, we took a tuk-tuk tour of the city and ended up at a road carnival here in town. From a farris wheel, roller coaster and the best bumper cars ever Disneyworld had some stiff competition when it came to the happiest place in the world.

June 10 (2)

June 10 (3)


June 10 (4)

Ready to get to the village, we woke up for breakfast at the hotel fried egg noodle with vegetable and tea. Then we loaded into our tuk-tuks ready to begin the day.

At the village we are divided into families. With these families we help prepare lunch, teach English and even help them prepare to sell a few items so that they are able to have a little bit of income. Siem Reap, is one of the poorest providences in Cambodia; the poverty within the village is very blunt and heartbreaking. With our families we are able to help some of the poorest families sell vegetables, soy beans, and coconuts. If the family sells six coconuts for .75 cents they are able to feed about eight people two meals for the day.

June 10 (1)

We also visited our projects in the village, in hopes of seeing it complete before we leave. Today we made great progress as we put new walls up in the home. It really put things into perspective seeing that in this small house eight people live here. It makes the luxuries that we enjoy at home seem like just things. Instead of queen size beds, flat screen tvs, and everything else, we saw the power of family, gratitude and happiness fill the new walls we just put up.

June 10 (5)

As for the hospitality school we continued on the foundation, putting up twelve rows of brick and putting the frame together. We even had a little time to paint! You may call it work, we call it fun!

June 10 (6)

After a hard day of work, we ended the night with Khmer language lessons from Bun! A few words we learned, sue  saday (hello), leer hi (goodbye), akun (thank you) and som jol moi (CHEERS!).

We left work to keep us busy tomorrow after a good night’s rest … but first a massage!



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