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Today started off just like any other day — early 7 am brekky and out the door to the village at 7:30. My two week village immersion group had the goal of completely finishing the sanding today, among other projects. We split into three groups in the morning. One group gnawed away at more sanding, another started on the painting of the wood and the last took instructions from the local builder to start sawing the puzzle pieces of the frame. We quickly learned that Cambodians don’t mess around with music as we were surprised with 3 HUGE speakers at the work site to jam to. Three hours of dancing and working flew by and we all took our two hour lunch plus siesta. The builders joined the teachers and we all played two truths and a lie. After discovering a few cool facts about some people we all dug into our fish soup, morning glory and egg and onion lunch. Yummy in da tummmmmy!

Determined to finish the backbreaking sanding, everyone joined into one group for the first hour after lunch to sand, sand, sand. We got the “to-do” pile to one pile and decided to break into groups again. While one group continued the sanding, another dug and carried sand to the foundation and the last finished sawing the frame. Once carrying the sand to the foundation and sawing was finished, everyone chipped in again to finished off the last 5 boards of sanding. AND THEY DID IT. Three days full of sanding and it was finally all finished. Proud of you guys 🙂

After getting entertained by all of our teacher’s last class preforming the “cha cha slide” for us we headed back into town to meet the other group. We ate yet another yummy Khmer dish and afterwards scurried over to the one and only LADY BOY SHOW! If you’re not entirely sure what that is — take a google at it 😉 With front row seats accompanied by an hour long massage was watched girls (boys?) shake it to music ranging from Beyonce to traditional Khmer music. Some of us treated ourselves to Blue Pumpkin Ice-cream afterwards and called it a night.


Boogey boogey Chinly!




Professional cooks




Lady boy show!


You alright there Amy?





Domdin’s blog with two week village and elephant crew:

Hello every bodies,

It has been a very busy day today. After we had a breakfast at the hotel and catching up on tuk tuk, we arrived at the school we are working in there. When we arrived at the school in the morning, we split to two groups. The first group moved bricks from to put near the place that the building will be on there and the second group leveled dirt and carried dirt to fill it up in the lower parts and helped a builder to put the concrete pulls to the right places. Everyone, kept their smile and do their own work and happy with their own work. They looked really enjoy with their works. After one and half hour we swopped the group.

After we had a lunch break we continued our work again. We still split into two groups. The first group with 5 people mixed cement with sand and water to make concrete for lay and build the break up. It was the very hard with mixing cement and sand. The second group laid bricks and built bricks up. We finished with laying and build brakes and level dirt. We almost finish with the foundation. Our plan is going to finish the foundation this week.


Good night Srey sa art!




Jess and Mikayla


Laura and Teagan




This one is for you Jade 😉


School Principle and Rachael




Teachers update:

Hello students! Sok sabai te? School was great at B.F.O.K. today! In some of the classes we played Bingo, which everyone loved. Amity had fun teaching the students different animals and they giggled at her silliness. At lunch everyone (teachers and builders) played 2 truths and a lie, and danced with Chinly, the principal’s adorable little 2 year old daughter. There was also some competitive Uno after lunch. In the afternoon, all of the classes got together to do the Cha Cha Slide, and we rocked it. We are really enjoying our experience here in Siem Reap, and aren’t ready to go home! Bye bye for now…

From the teachers Amity & Kame !


Kame, Amity and their translator 🙂





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