When it Rains it Pours. When it Pours We Play!

Currently, while writing this blog post we are still drip drying from the amazing rain storm we got caught in today.

While we loaded into our tuk-tuks on the way home after a long day of work in the hot hot heat many of us exclaimed that today was the best day, and I think it is hard to argue that.

During the first half of the day, we got so much accomplished. The house for the scholarship student was complete (just in time for the rain storm) and we got to participate in a traditional practice of putting on the roof of the school. Here in Cambodia, when they put the very top piece of the roof on they tie bananas, leaves of different trees and rice wine to the beam. As all hands are on deck getting it to the top of the roof, blessings are chanted on the work site with excitement, and one big cheer is made when it is fastened on the top.

June 11 (1)

All of our hard work is equally balanced with fun as well.

From dancing, playing sports, drawing and teaching English there is never a shortage of laughter and cheers at the school either. Volleyball, soccer and basketball are crowd favorites around here. As is, Shakira and Justin Beiber. The energy that surrounds us on a daily basis is so refreshing, especially after working in the hot sun for a couple of hours.

Iced coffee in a bag, is also refreshing …

June 11 (2)

…  water breaks after a game of soccer are too!

June 11 (3)

Then in the midst of high energy and extreme heat, something spectacular happened. It was probably one of the fastest storms that we saw roll in. The wind picked up speed faster than a horse at the Kentucky Derby, the cloud became gray and squeals and shrieks filled the air as it began to pour on us. To say that it was pouring doesn’t even begin to do it justice!

Instead of running for cover, we ran towards the rain. We reserve an hour at the end of the day for just some one of a kind fun. Sport games are played and more dancing ensues. And no amount of rain is going to keep us away from our sport games!

June 11 (4)

All in one day we finished a house, participated in one of the coolest construction traditions, danced, laughed and jumped in massive puddles after playing in the rain. It is easy to see why today was one of the best days on our trip so far!





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