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Good evening everyone!

It’s meeeee again (mack Attack) with the daily download!! And let me tell ya, what a good day it has been here in the village!

It was day 1 of our toilet building days and it turned out to be absolutely fantastic.

We started the morning off right with a wonderful egg brekky then hopped onto some tuk tuks and headed for the village! We were greeted by Sopan, the principal of the school, and were given a wonderful tour of the school as well as the community. As we were walking back to the school from the village, a local family was celebrating their ten year old daughters’ birthday. All of a sudden every single family member was bringing tables and chairs out of their house with wonderful smelling curries and breads for us to share their celebration. We sat, ate and of course sang happy birthday to Daed (the Birthday girl) and it was absolutely incredible.

Sopan told us that birthday parties are a very rare occurrence in the village because only 5 out of 100 families could afford them. It hit the volunteers pretty hard to think something as small as a birthday party was actually a luxury. What an amazing, eye-opening experience.

We then headed to the community center for lunch where a Emma, Robyn and Sami helped the locals cook an amazing lunch for us! After gorging ourself we finally got to work on the toilet!

Within five minutes we were all digging holes, laying bricks, mixing cement (we are pros at this now) and, of course, sanding away! It was a great day of work and Calypso, Emma, Sami and Jess even got the opportunity to teach in the school today and they said they had the most amazing experience!

We ended the afternoon with a wonderful game of football where 35 Cambodian kids kicked our butts!

what a wonderful life it is here in Cambodia!

Signing off,

Mack Attack

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