Working hard and bumper cars!


Hey guys it’s E Dawg here with live updates from the scene in Siem Reap Cambodia.

Today was yet again absolutely FABULOUS! Everyone has gotten an opportunity to teach English in one of the classrooms at the local school here and they’re loving it! All the kids now know that “turtles are slow.”

We had a great morning on the project site again, we all worked together to carry the framework and place it over our foundation. The group is working speedy fast and by lunch we had already started nailing bamboo on for the roof!

During lunch everyone was absolutely knackered and we had a nap and a cute little cuddle puddle on the ground of the classroom. Glenn hooked up a hammock from the rafters and hung above everyone. Before lunch was over everyone threw their names in a hat and drew for SECRET SANTA!!! Dom of course got himself the first time so we had to draw again.

Because our program runs over Christmas we’ll be having some Christmas festivities over at the elephant sanctuary. Everyone will have a secret Santa and we’ll all open our gifts on Christmas morning! CAAAAHH YOOOOUUTE.

After lunch we got back to sawing, nailing and tying grass onto the bamboo to form our roof! Tomorrow is our last day and we are well on track to FINISHING THE ENTIRE CLASSROOM! Wooowwieee!

Back at the hotel we had a quick shower then went out for dinner. We had a deep discussion on the difference between ice tea, tea, and soda. Dinner was of course CHING-ANG! It was time for some quick eats and then….


We loaded in the Tuk Tuks and drove out of the city to visit the local carnival. It was AMAZING! It’s a completely local experience, with games and bumper cars and icecream, but all of the signs are in Khmer and we were the only foreigners walking around! It made the carnival even more special 🙂

With bellys full, sweet tooths satisfied and giant grins we returned home where everyone was asleep before their heads hit the pillow. What a fabulous day!

-team SuperCool