worms, chickens and quicksand







Had the most fabulous, hilarious, fun, giggly and hardworking day today. We started the morning off with some more digging and dirt hauling, and everyone was so willing to work their butts of to build this house. Our smiles stayed plastered on our sweat stained dirt covered faces even as the rain began to POUR down. The ground became a slick mud slide but we trudged on, carrying buckets of sand and dirt with even more determination; nothing would stop us.

We dug trenches around the perimeter of the house and began to fill them with bricks and cement to lay a sturdy foundation. As we were happily cementing away a little baby chicken hopped in the hole and nearly got itself stuck in the wet cement. Thankfully the brave and fearless leader (Elaura) was there to save the day, and rescued the chick from almost certain death. When I went to return the chick home though, the mother was not so happy. The Fearless Leader (me) was lunged at, attacked and brutally flapped at by the angry chicken. While trying to evade the ambush, I was snagged by a fence, tripped by a tree branch (who put that there?!), attacked by the down pouring rain, and subsequently slipped and landed face first in the wet mud. It caused quite an uproar of laughter, and I got to walk around coated in sand for the rest of the day.

After that we went for lunch and went on a walk through the village to get some delicious iced coffees. Liz tried some funny looking beans and Shari decided to taste a local dish, “clam a la clam,” which we observed locals eating and thought we may as well try one. It was not so pleasant and oh so slimy.

Back at the worksite we continued diligently, mixing cement and laying bricks. Tara and Lauren were absolute crazies, we may have handed out Dirt Queen as a nickname because these two just could not get enough of these dirt piles. If my calculations are correct, we burned a combined total of 875972645623974629645764 calories today. That was some hard work.


Before the day was over though, one of the girls decided to hack a worm in half with her shovel “by accident” and when we went digging for the rest of its body we discovered that the rain had turned our dirt pile into QUICKSAND. Someone (not pointing any fingers), decided that it would be a good idea to see how far they could sink down, and may or may not have sank up to their thighs and gotten stuck. Thankfully our fabulous team of SuperGirls came to the rescue and pulled said person out of the sand.


AND THEN. Here comes the best part of the story.


Amanda walked over to Fearless Leader and asked her to open her mouth, attempting to drop the newly discovered second half of the earthworms body down her throat. Fearless Leader gagged and respectfully declined. Some bets or may not have been made, and the result was horrifically satisfying…..

As we watched intently, Amanda tossed the worm in the air (FYI this worm was HUGE, we were looking at a good 12 inches), and caught it in her hand. Tossed the worm again, and caught it; most likely contemplating her entire life in the span of those five seconds. She went for a third toss, and threw it directly…


… in her mouth. IN. HER. MOUTH






Amidst gasps and screams of horror we could hear the crunch of the earthworms body, then a final swallow. Amanda was crowned Volunteer of The Week and a roaring applause followed.

Afterwards we wrapped up the building project (another VERY successful day) and went to the community school to visit the kids. Shari brought 24 bubble blowers and we ran around with the kids blowing and popping bubbles. They were cheering and laughing and screaming, popping them by clapping them between their hands. A few kids started some bubble blowing competitions and then we ended the visit with a big group tickle fight, the kids didn’t want us to leave!

Back at the hotel we showered and went to dinner, then had an evening of language classes! Damdin was a great teacher, and gave us lots of good vocabulary to use out in the town later. We wrapped up the night with some more shopping, mini dance parties and many, many more giggles. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

bubs werk worm