You made it!!!!

Hey guys,

It’s Katelyn and Domdin again — the team leaders for this weeks 4 week teaching program, 2 week Village Immersion program and 2 week Village and Elephant program! For those of you who have loved ones that headed to the elephant sanctuary this morning you can continue to follow their journey here:

This morning the teachers who are here for 4 weeks had to say goodbye to their friends headed to the elephant sanctuary, but quickly turned around to meet 21 new volunteers who will be with them for the next week!



Team leads spent the day traveling back and forth from the airport to pick up all the new volunteers. We just got back with our last arrivals — everyone is officially here!!

Village Immersion program: The whole lot from Australia! — Clare, Danika, Emily, Helen, Kate, Luke, Milli, Monica, Natasha and Tova.

Village and Elephant program: Another lot from Aus! — Amy, Therese, Teagan, Jade, Georgie, Clare, Rachael, Laura, Mikayla, Talia, Jonathan

And again our 4 week teachers are still here: Amity, Kame, Lillian, Georgie, Nick, Jess, Adele, Maddie, Emily 🙂

We all went for lunch and dinner together. A few volunteers took advantage of the time to get a quick massage or some shopping in but soon enough everyone hit the sack due to our bright and early morning. Tomorrow the real work begins!!

Katelyn and Domdin

**pictures up tomorrow 🙂

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