Yum, Fried crickets andBridge to success

Teachers blog

The group woke up to a sunny day in Cambodia! After eating our breakfast of croissants (YUM!), the teachers headed to the school. Upon arrival, the local instructors were ready to start working on the days lesson plans. Haley introduced more colors and shapes to her class. Amanda started teaching her class plural forms of words. Lea continued with numbers, progressing by counting above ten. Then Becky started a new lesson on continents. After our morning classes, we all gathered together to prepare lunch. We had catfish stew, a vegetable medley, pineapple and, of course, rice. The building group then arrived to the school and we all sat in a circle to eat. Once we finished lunch, we split back up for our evening activities. The teachers went back to their classrooms and the builders went back to their building site. The groups were working diligently until the weather took a turn. All of a sudden, dark clouds rolled in and rain started pouring down. Luckily, this was at the end of the day and caused very little distraction. Since it was so stormy, however, we did have to delay letting the kids go home. Due to some students living far from school, it is not safe for them to ride bikes back home in bad weather. Soon, though, we were able to release them to enjoy the rest of their day. Following the students out, the teachers hopped in a tuk tuk for a ride back to the apartment. Everyone decided to stay home for the night, sheltered away from the storm. What seemed to be a crazy day, ended with a peaceful night.

Village immersion blog

Damdin group,

Today was a day filled with fulfilment, smiles and lots of laughter. In our final few days in our building site we are finally starting to see all our hard work from last week come to life! Today we accomplished a major mile stone as we completed our bridge. The bridge will be used during wet season so there is access to the community centre and the villagers can stand on the bridge to catch fish from the creek below.

We made significant progression with the roofing of our community centre today. It was a team effort as we all took turns tying the bamboo grass onto the roof. Our work was tested today when we experienced a severe storm this afternoon with torrential rain. But don’t be alarmed, our craftsmanship skills proved to exceed our expectations and provide the perfect shelter.

We enjoyed another dinner together at one of Domdin’s favourite restaurants. Each of us are looking forward to our day off tomorrow and visiting the floating village.





Danielle group,

Today was awesome! We worked on nailing down the bamboo flooring at house and even got to try out a local food delicacy. Fried crickets!!

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This little boy is the son of the family who will be living in the house. He kept us company all day, danced to our music and even helped us do some work!


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The wife and mother of the family offered us some tasty spicy fried crickets during our water break. Some gave it a go and really enjoyed them! While others opted out hahaz9 z10


Andrea, Gavin and Freya were all fans of the snack!z11 z12 z13

Getting some help from one of the locals


To help this family flourish and save them money on food, we are building them a garden! Here they can grow veggies like pumpkin, lemongrass, eggplant, morning glory and zucchini! Essential vegetables found in many Khmer dishes.



Tomorrow is sunrise at Angkor Wat! We’re getting up at the crack of dawn to see it, 4:30 AM to be exact… Check back tomorrow for some epic photos!



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