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Creche/Kitchen project.

We have two projects that are really worthwhile and we need your help with them. The first is in South Africa where we have built a creche and we want to add a kitchen to the creche. Parent send their children to the creche each day so that both parents can work to raise enought money to lift the family out of poverty. Each day the children arrive without any food or water to sustain them for the eight hours they attend.We want to install cooking and refrigeration equipment as well as plumbing for running water. We need about $17,000 to complete the project. Any help from you is greatly appreciated.

Peru Education Project

The children who live high up in the Andes are among the poorest in Peru. They have no local schools and they have little chance of getting an education to lift them selves out of poverty. We want to change that. After discussions with a school in Cusco and with the parents of some of the children, we plan to build a new facility at the school for the children to attend for two weeks. The facility will have a classroom as well as an area for the children to sleep in at night. At the end of the two week period the children will return to their families for two weeks. They will take school work and projects with them and return with them completed in 14 days. The parents and the school are enthusiastic supporters of the project and we need $15,000 to make it happen.

Please give what you can so that these projects can be made to happen.




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