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Testimonials From Our Beneficiaries

What the people who benefit from our work
have to say about Reach Out Volunteers

Quote Kylie GarvardKylie Garvard, Cambodian Island:
My name is Kylie Gavard and I live with my wife and new son on Koh Rong in Cambodia. I am the Director of the marine conservation and community help project and I am pleased to say that I have a wonderful partnership with Reach Out Volunteers, an organization that plays a huge role in the lives and the environment in our small fishing village, Daem Thkov. A village, so far, untouched by mainstream tourism!

In just one year, ROV has helped make possible the removal of over 7 tons of garbage, refurbishing a much needed clinic, building an incinerator that can handle the needs of the village, building a really cool playground for the kids, beginning a much needed water catchment system for the village during the dry season, continuing the education of the children with English lessons and the education of the adults with consistent clean ups, cleaning the surrounding reefs of over 125 nets and countless pieces of plastic and glass waste as well as beginning Cambodia’s very first artificial reef system within the villages local fishing grounds!

Quote Dr. Simon MorganDr. Simon Morgan, Director of the Wildlife African Conservation Team:
South Africa is home to some of the most majestic animals on the globe. From the smallest termite to the African Elephant, each organism is connected and operates as a unit. Presently, there are more than 16,000 wildlife species that are threatened with extinction; one in two species of turtles and tortoises, one in three species of amphibians, one in four species of mammals and one in eight species of birds. The Earth is an entire ecosystem, interdependent and fragile. The loss of any one of these species will without fail, impact on the worlds ecosystem in a serious negative manner.

Although extinction is a natural earth process, over the last 50 years the natural extinction rate has increased hugely and sadly it is due to human activity. Wildlife conservation is imperative if we are to create a sustainable future, not only for ourselves but generations to come.

The Reach Out Volunteers have been doing an outstanding job in regards to African Wildlife Conservation. By monitoring and recording the wildlife in this area, they are providing us with scientific and valued information, giving us the knowledge to better combat this world crisis. The volunteers' work is significant in fighting for the survival of the White Rhino, not only are they providing information, but also providing a presence in an area deterring poachers.

Quote Elias Ferias Magjs, Mozambique School Principle:

Quote Domdin YeanDomdin Yean
Hello my name is Domdin Yean. I have been working with the Self Help Community Centre (SHCC) for 4 years. For the last year and a half that I have worked with ROV, I had a wonderful time working with them. I have really appreciated that ROV have come and helped lots of people in my community. I am so happy that the ROV came to build and fix homes for the poorest families in the Kro Bei Riel commune. They have also fixed the road, cleaned the environment, built the school building in SHCC, run education classes and have helped our staff with their English conversations. I am looking forward to working with ROV again.

Reach Out Volunteers:
Changing the world, one village at a time.