When you've signed up for a program, you can add some amazing extras to your trip and make your experience truly special. This is just a sample of what's available!

Mount Kulen Temple Adventure

About two hours out of hot and bustling Siem Reap is a magnificent waterfall with perfectly clear and cool water to swim in. Bring your swimming costume and some good walking shoes that you don’t mind getting a little wet. We can walk to the Reclining Buddha, Srah Damrei (elephant pond) and many other wonderful places. For a view of the country side in Cambodia at it’s best you cannot beat a day trip to Mount Kulen.

Tonli Sap

Visit the largest fresh water lake in East Asia. The local villagers have adapted to the dramatic fluctuation in the lakes size by building stilt homes and using simple boats for transport when the Himalayan snow melt and the back flow from the Mekong causes a major increase in the surface area of the lake. A beautiful day when you can swim in the lake and enjoy the many villages and restaurants that cluster together on stilts in the water.

Shark Diving

Why not get to see some of the incredible aquatic life in the southern ocean while you are in Africa? South African waters have over 200 species of sharks, and you can have a close, but safe, encounter with these charismatic animals. The experience is aimed at all levels, and you selecting the level of excitement that works for you. On a shark cage diving adventure, the cage floats at the surface next to the boat. This means you don’t have to be SCUBA qualified to swim with sharks. If you’re qualified and more adventurous you can go SCUBA diving with sharks.

You need to land one day before your program starts (Saturday) and we meet you at the airport and make all arrangements for you including extra meals and accommodation.

White Water Rafting

Want to add a little excitement to your Peruvian experience? White water rafting is the perfect opportunity to get a rush of adrenaline without being too challenged. All you need is an adventurous spirit. If you are looking for something a little more challenging, longer trips with higher class rapids can also be organised. The activity is available on the last Friday of your stay whilst you are in Cusco. We arrange everything including pick-up and return to your accommodation.

Volunteer Veterans Shirt

Now that you are on program and have lived the volunteer experience with villagers and elephants you can proudly wear the Elephant & Village shirt. It’s not available to everyone, only the "volunteer veterans".

Flight Booking Service

Your first flight overseas can be daunting; landing at the right airport, on the right day with visas, customs, flight stop-overs and travel insurance to think about.

We can help. We’ll find the best flights and insurance for you and fill the details into your profile so your team leader will be waiting for you at the airport - they’ll even know your insurance policy number in the unlikely event of an emergency. And we confirm your return trip to the airport on departure day. Your team leader will also have a phone waiting for you with $10.00 credit so you can call and text home when you are on program.

Your insurance, the phone and a preloaded sim card are all included in the fee. And you keep the phone.

Add an extra day before or after.

There are lots of really good reasons to stay an extra night or two. You have travelled a long way. It’s a great location and a seven day program becomes a nine day program. Why not enjoy a day or two just “chilling out.” Especially as at the end of your program you will be a “seasoned traveller” in the local environment. Or maybe you can get a better, cheaper or quicker airfare by landing early or leaving later.
Let us book the rooms for you and arrange your meals for each day. And we will also arrange for an earlier or later collection and return to the airport for you. It’s all included in the cost.