Volunteer Academic Credit. Unit: Culture and Minorities

Every culture has defining and distinguishing characteristics. These may be physical, social or behavioral. They may be obvious or operate at a subliminal level.

This unit of study invites students to examine the treatment of minorities within a dominant culture and to reflect on what it means to be part of a minority within mainstream society.

What are the defining characteristics of a dominant culture and how are minorities distinguished, defined and treated?

Finally, students will be asked to reflect on what it means and how it feels to be part of a minority group.

Unit Description

The focus of this unit will be to examine the cultural traits, attitudes and beliefs of differing social groups within a society and outline the characteristics of inclusion and exclusion.

Students will be expected to define and analyze the characteristics of both their own culture and a foreign culture and to identify minorities within those environments.

On program students will be asked to consider their role in a foreign context. Questions to be explored will involve personal attitude and behavior within a defined social context and the challenges facing members of minority groups.

Aspects to be examined are -

  • Definition of dominant culture;
  • Characteristics of minority groups;
  • Distinguishing socio economic identifiers;
  • Analysis of attitudes, beliefs and values;
  • Government regulation and assistance;
  • Cultural attitudes.

This unit can be completed whilst on any Reach Out Volunteer Program.

Course Requirements

This course will involve theoretical and practical components to help students better understand the complexity in developing conservation strategies and establishing a marine protected area.

Theoretical – Pre course work and one written assignment – 100% of assessment

Practical – Field placement and completion of a daily journal


Enrolment can occur once you have confirmed your place on a Reach Out Volunteer program. Email info@rovolunteers.com for details.

Cost and Completion

The practical component is to be completed on program and the written work submitted no later than 2 weeks after program completion. Cost of each unit is $1250 / £950. Course material will be supplied prior to program commencement.