Volunteer Academic Credit. Unit: Leadership of Small Teams

Leaders are critical in enabling teams to achieve organizational goals. Leaders effect morale, attitude and performance of individuals and teams. A good leader can inspire, motivate and challenge others to break barriers and successfully move out of comfort zones to achieve goals.

Successful leaders are positive, focused and create solutions to challenges. While for some, leadership traits are almost innate, for others the skills required need to be learnt.

This unit of work provides participants with a theoretical overview and practical experience of what it means to be an effective team leader and how to successfully achieve stated goals.

While on program participants will have the opportunity to implement the knowledge and strategies studied as a Reach Out Volunteer Assistant Team Leader.

Unit Description

Through the course materials, students will be introduced to the concept, challenges and responsibilities of leadership. Sessions will cover:

  • what it means to be a leader, the characteristics of a leader, the different leadership styles and the responsibilities of leadership;
  • relationship building and motivating teams;
  • achieving goals and how to create effective Action Plans;
  • decision making;
  • conflict resolution and negotiation;
  • multi cultural considerations;
  • specific requirements of Reach Out Volunteer’s Team Leaders.

As Assistant Team Leaders, students will share responsibility for:

  • confirming on ground participant bookings;
  • implementing the Program Itinerary;
  • achieving program goals;
  • overseeing participant and worksite safety.

This unit can be completed whilst on any Reach Out Volunteer Program.

Course Requirements

This course will involve theoretical and practical components to help students better understand the complexity of leadership and strategies available to successfully manage and lead teams.

Theoretical – Multi choice examination – 20% of assessment

Practical – Field placement – 80% of assessment


Enrolment can occur once you have confirmed your place on a Reach Out Volunteer program. Email info@rovolunteers.com for details.

Cost and Completion

The practical component is to be completed on program and the written work submitted no later than 2 weeks after program completion. Cost of each unit is $1250 / £950. Course material will be supplied prior to program commencement.