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Join Reach Out Volunteers to make an impact on your world.

We are a registered Charity in the USA and in Australia. Our directors possess a range of backgrounds and significant experience in operating small and large businesses. A Director of Reach Out Volunteers personally inspects each program location to ensure that the highest possible levels of health and safety are met.

Our management team focuses on providing education, food, water, sanitation, and shelter to deprived communities in third world countries and to help protect endangered species. All projects are developed in consultation with the local community. 

Local skilled workers oversee all carpentry, plumbing etc. Local labor does all heavy lifting and difficult excavation. Local businesses supply all tools, materials, and equipment. Local people provide all food and accommodation, cleaning activities etc. Trainee teachers work under the supervision of local teachers.  Without our volunteers, the paid employment and work opportunities would not exist.

 We don’t work in orphanages.

Meet our teaching & admin staff.

Chhaiky Theourm

Principal ROV Community School

is 30 years old and the principle & kindergarten teacher at the school. She has one son Atra, and a daughter on the way. In her free time she likes spending time with her family and exploring nature. Chhaiky comes from a large family and has 2 sisters and 6 brothers.


Teacher ROV Community School

Seila is 20 years old and a full time teacher at the school. He has one brother and one sister. When he isn’t teaching he likes researching to further his studies and loves to play soccer.


Teacher ROV Community School

Kinin is 27 years old and a part-time teacher at the ROV school. He has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Kinin’s wife is currently pregnant with their first child and he is very excited for the arrival in the coming months. Kinin loves to spend his free time reading.

SreyOun Sem

Teacher ROV Community School

Srey is 21 years old, she is a full-time kindergarten teacher. She has one brother and two sisters. In her free time, Srey Our Sem loves catching up on her favorite tv shows and is very excited about her upcoming wedding.

Barang Thouerm

Teacher ROV Community School

Barang is 21 years old and is Chhaiky’s brother. He has 5 other brothers and 3 sisters. Barang works as a full-time teacher at the school. When Barang isn’t teaching at the school. He likes furthering his studies and catching up with friends.

Hayley McGregor

Program Co-ordinator

Hayley is the Program Coordinator and oversees all aspects of program delivery. She responds to your emails,  phone calls, and is available on our Chat App. She makes sure you’re fully prepared for your program.  If you have a question, Hayley is the go-to person!

Meet the Co-ordinators & Team Leaders


Co-ordinator Cambodia

Damdin is 28 years old and is our Cambodian Co-ordinator. Damdin is married to Chhaiky, and together they have a son Atra, and a daughter who will be arriving early this year. Damdin loves being a Team Leader for ROV and spending time with the volunteers. Damdin is also a lover of all things soccer, and enjoys playing it regularly.


Team Leader

Hello, my name is Sam and I was raised as one of six children in Kro Bei Riel, a village just outside Siem Reap city. I am 29 years old. I like reading book and playing guitar. I am really happy to be a part of Reach Out.  I am passionate about my country and want to ensure all the volunteers get to see the best of Cambodia.


Sth America

Meet the irrepressible Yieber whose smiling face will be waiting for you when you arrive in Cusco for the Machu Picchu, Inca Trail and also the Bolivia program. Yeiber is fluent in English, Spanish and the local Peruvian language, Quechua.

meet the reach out volunteers

Charity Board

Peter Jowett

Australian Charity Director
US Charity Director

Peter Jowett

Peter Jowett was a lawyer in private practice and in corporate law. He also worked in investment, insurance, and superannuation.

Since retirement he has worked with Reach Out Volunteers Charity to assist it in the development of the systems and processes to ensure that projects undertaken in third world countries are properly researched, funded and delivered.

Peter holds a degree in law, an MBA and a Master of Taxation from Melbourne University. He is the Chairman of Reach Out Volunteers Charity Ltd.

Simon Leutogi

Australian Charity Director

Simon Leutogi

Originally a New Zealander, Simon moved to Australia at age 18. He completed his degree at La Trobe University before commencing a career in Marketing. He is now the Group Marketing Coordinator for a major construction group based in Sydney Australia.

Simon has always had a passion for mentoring and supporting those who have not had the opportunities provided to others and his work on the Board of Reach Out Volunteers provides a unique opportunity for him to work on projects that have a significant positive impact on the lives of so many people.

Tom Jowett

Australian Charity Director
US Charity Director

Tom Jowett

Tom graduated with a Business degree from La Trobe University. He spent his gap year traveling in poverty-stricken countries and was determined to find a way to improve the lives of those less fortunate. Tom founded Reach Out Volunteers Pty Ltd where he now works full-time.

His work with the Charity is founded on the principle that anyone who wants to make a difference can make a donation to the Charity and see the real change their contribution brings in the lives of people far less fortunate than themselves and in conserving wildlife.

David Shirley

US Charity Director

Born and raised in Philadelphia David graduated Rowan College at Gloucester County with an associates degree. David has experimented with multiple career paths and has found his passion in flying. David is now currently enrolled in Aviation School in Wilmington, Delaware and expects to be a fully licensed commercial pilot by 2020.
David has been a proud member of Reach Out Volunteers since his first program experience in 2013. He always has new approaches to continue to move the Charity forward.

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