About Reach Out Volunteers

Join Reach Out Volunteers to make a real difference in impoverished communities and help protect endangered wildlife.

At Reach Out Volunteers we believe you can change the world, one village at a time. Working hand-in-hand with its partner ROV Charity we ensure that all projects are developed by the local community and create long-term sustainable benefit. If we can help a homeless family by building them a home we will have made a difference to that family. If we do this with enough families we will help that community. If we do this with enough communities we will help that country, and eventually, change the world. But we start by working with one village at a time. Volunteers assist in providing food, water, education, sanitation and shelter to deprived communities. Volunteers help in protecting endangered species of animals around the world by tracking, monitoring, feeding, and building safe and vegetated habitats.

Reach Out Volunteers Charity works on projects to reduce the level of poverty in rural communities. The ROV Charity provides employment to local trades people, it purchases its building materials and supplies from local people. It builds water catchments in rural Cambodian communities to supply clean drinking water year round. This is critical in lowering infant mortality. In Peru the ROV Charity helps install ventilated cooking stoves to reduce smoke pollution in homes which is the main cause of the high levels of cancer and asthma in villagers homes.

We endeavour at all times to ensure that our work environments are as safe as possible. The Directors of Reach Out Volunteers personally inspects each program to ensure that the highest possible levels of health and safety are met.

Meet our team

The wonderful Hayley Mcgregor is the Program Coordinator. Hayley oversees all aspects of program delivery. She responds to your emails and phone calls answering queries and making sure you’re fully prepared. Hayley has volunteered in Cambodia and Peru and oversees all program information including the Program Blogs. If you have a question, Hayley is the go to person!

The amazing Rachel Ballantyne oversees all of the International Traveling Ambassadors for Reach Out Volunteers. Rachel has traveled and volunteered extensively across Asia, North and South America, Fiji, Africa and Europe. Rachel is also responsible for training our Team Leaders. If you don’t see Rachel on program you will probably see her at your university campus!

Reach Out Volunteer Team Leaders!

Below is a snapshot of some of our amazing Team Leaders in Cambodia and Africa. Our Team Leaders will be the ones who meet you at the airport with a friendly smile, will be the ones to look after you on program and the ones that you can joke around with. You know with our Team Leaders you will always be in safe hands!

Above is a shot of the amazing Yieber whose smiling face will be waiting for you when you arrive in Cusco for the Machu Picchu and Inca Trail program. Yeiber is fluent in English, Spanish and the local Peruvian language, Quechua.

Meet the Reach Out Volunteers Co-ordinators and Ambassador


Tara Boyette

Global Development Coordinator

I love traveling and am very passionate about seeing the world and helping out communities in need as I can imagine is true for you all as well. ROV has made a huge impact on my life and I am excited for this experience to do the same for you. Other than traveling, I also love skiing, hiking, biking and playing sports. I am also quite the human jukebox and love to sing. I have taken it upon myself to learn all the words to every Disney song out there as well as a wide repertoire of random songs. I love puns and bad jokes, I’m obsessed with coffee and recently my favorite flavor ice cream is pistachio. Basically, I’m a weirdo but if nothing else, I’ll be here for your entertainment!


Domdin Yean

Co-ordinator Cambodia

Domdin has had many Reach Out Volunteers experiences over the past three years. He has worked on multiple projects from building houses to working with elephants with ROV! He has not only worked alongside ROV in the past but also a good handful of NGO’s across Cambodia that all endeavour to make a difference, so his volunteer and project management experience is unparalleled!
Domdin has also attended university and speaks both Khmer and English fluently! His wicked sense of humour, great work ethic and friendly and warm personality means lots of tears for the volunteers at the airport when it’s time to go home.


Ben Fox Lo

Co-ordinator Sth Africa & Mozambique

Ben has been with ROV for three and a half years now and has run many South Africa and Mozambique programs. He has lived in Africa for six years, so he’s basically our inside local man. He loves being apart of the African mission at ROV, and he feels that Africa runs through his blood. ROV has been an opportunity to give back and help make progress in this amazing country. During his time off, he manages a backpackers hostel in Durban, so he’s quite a people person and can make everyone smile with little effort. He loves keeping fit and healthy and is always up for an outdoors adventure. He is known to everyone as Ben10.

Meet the Reach Out Volunteers Charity Board


Peter Jowett

Chairman of Reach Out Volunteers Charity Ltd.

Peter Jowett worked as a lawyer in private practice and subsequently in corporate law in the IT industry. He joined Banking, Investment, and Insurance industries where he worked for over 20 years.

Since retirement he has worked with Reach Out Volunteers Charity Ltd to assist it in the development of the systems and processes necessary to ensure that projects undertaken in third world countries are properly researched, funded and delivered, that donors can have confidence that their donations are properly expended and that recipients get value from the projects undertaken.

Peter holds a degree in law, an MBA and a Master of Taxation from Melbourne University.


Stephen Thomas


Steve has spent over 30 years involved in technology in the corporate telco and financial services sectors, building and supporting systems for global businesses. His most recent role was as a Divisional CIO for a major investment bank. He is currently a member of an advisory board for a digital consulting company.

Steve has been involved in a range of not-for-profit activities including fund raising for the Heart Research Foundation and providing pro bono technology advice in the pre-school child care sector.

Steve holds a BA (Hons) from Lancaster University (UK) and a MBA from Kingston University (UK). He is a Senior Associate of FINSIA and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD).


Simon Leutogi


Originally a New Zealander, Simon moved to Australia at age 18. He completed his degree at La Trobe University before commencing a career in Marketing. He is now the Group Marketing Coordinator for a major construction group based in Sydney Australia.

Simon has always had a passion for mentoring and supporting those who have not had the opportunities provided to others and his work on the Board of Reach Out Volunteers provides a unique opportunity for him to work on projects that have a significant positive impact on the lives of so many people.


Tom Jowett


After graduating from La Trobe University with a degree in Business Tom took a gap year to travel the world. After spending time in poverty stricken countries he was determined to find a way in which people of good intent could work together to improve the lives of those less fortunate than themselves. As a result Tom founded Reach Out Volunteers Pty Ltd where he now works full-time.

His work with the Charity is founded on the principle that anyone who wants to make a difference can make a donation to the Charity and see the real change their contribution brings about in the lives of people far less fortunate than themselves.