Hundreds of volunteers have been able to fundraise a portion, if not all their program fee and airfares utilizing our amazing fundraising kit. We support every volunteer to raise the contribution needed to join us on one of our projects. Once you secure your spot on one of our projects you will gain access to our amazing fundraising kit.

Make sure that the fundraising adventures that you choose to embark on are things you actually enjoy doing!

When thinking about the fundraising project you’re brewing up, it’s important to let the community, group, family, friend, school, university, church know what it is you’re fundraising for.

Provide photos (off the website, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram), an itinerary, a list of things that you’ll be working on throughout your ROV program and a map of the world with the location of where you’ll be, so people can relate to your program and feel more comfortable knowing that you’re going over for a great cause!

And of course, do it in person! Approach your local restaurant, butcher, hairdresser (or whoever you are approaching to help with your fundraising) and ask them if they can donate to your program. If they can’t donate money, ask them if there is something you can do for them for a different kind of donation (restaurant vouchers, old books etc).


Now all that stuff is out of the way, lets get stuck in! There are a number of different groups that you can approach when fundraising; these include your university, your family, your old high school, businesses in your local area, newspapers and many more.

In our amazing fundraising kit you will find over 25 successful fundraising ideas. Some successful ideas are:

Setting up a GoFundMe Page. This allows friends, family and anonymous donors. V. Peters was able to raise $3,880 for her program from 54 donors. Utilzing GoFundMe

Hosting a event or a themed party! A Mcdermott and H Chapman were able to raise over $8,000 combined!

Selling your creativity and work in a team! Many volunteers opt to sell their creativity making bracelets or T-shirts and selling them to raise money for their fundraising efforts! K Yamada and her friends sold $1,800 worth of bracelets!

There are so many more ideas in our amazing fundraising kit including personalized corporate certificates for sponsorship, posters, cake and cookie recipes, a step-by-step guides to set up a GoFundMe account and much more…

To access the amazing fundraising kit, you need to have applied for a project, been accepted and secured your spot.