Reach Out Volunteers has invested over $1.5 million into developing communities. Reach Out Volunteers motto is ‘Change the world, one village at a time’. The motto is a reminder that all volunteer work in whatever capacity is part of a global effort to make a difference.

We believe that real change comes from simple actions like helping a homeless family by building them a home. If that is done with enough families in a community, you will help that community. Working with enough communities you will help that region and that country. Hence we believe that we can change the world, one village at a time.

There are 2,000 Reach Out Volunteers around the world with more joining every day.

South Africa

In South Africa we work with conservation wildlife parks as well as orphanages and creches. The orphanages and creches need our help because the government only provides food and support to children old enough to attend primary school. Many families in the communities we work have children too young for primary school and cannot afford to put their children in day-care while they are working to support the family. Some parents would leave their children at a local orphanage during the day, but without funding and infrastructure, the orphanage lacked the basic necessities of food, clean drinking water, and bathrooms as well as play equipment, educational supplies and staff.

In 2013 a community leader recommended Reach Out Volunteers work at an orphanage and creche that had over 100 children to care for during the day. At this orphanage, there were no classrooms, no bathrooms or hygiene facilities, no access to running water, no educational supples, no play equipment for the children, and only 3 members of the community who could spare their time to watch over the children.

Reach Out Volunteers built a large classroom, fresh water catchments, bathrooms, a play ground and filled with the classroom with books, black boards, pencils, chairs, desks and more. Since 2013 Reach Out Volunteers has built three creches, with classrooms, playgrounds, soup kitchens, water catchments, bathrooms and hygiene facilities for over 200 children.

During the wildlife conservation portion of the program, Reach Out Volunteers has spent over 16,000 hours working with wildlife including helping protect the endangered black and white rhinos, non-diseased buffalo, cheetahs, elephants and removing over 200 snares placed around various Big Game reserves.


In Cambodia Reach Out Volunteers works with numerous communities building houses for homeless families, repairing houses that have been destroyed by storms, building classrooms for community schools and building water catchments for communities that run out of water.

In 2013, volunteers over the course of 4 weeks helped build 2 houses, one for a disabled mother of three children, and another for a single mother of two children. The hard work and passion demonstrated by those volunteers set a precedent for all future ROV programs in Cambodia.

Since then Reach Out Volunteers has built and repaired 25 houses, 21 classrooms, removed over 15,000 kilograms of rubbish, built two 110,000 litre water catchments and deployed over 200 coral pods to help rejuvenate an artificial coral reef.

Volunteers have spent over 17,000 hours helping rehabilitate elephants rescued from the illegal logging and tourism industry.


Reach Out Volunteers works with communities and families in the Misminay community. Since 2013 Reach Out Volunteers has been involved in building one classroom, one kitchen, two sets of play equipment, fifteen greenhouse and while working alongside Reach Out Volunteers Charity, has built five flued stoves to reduce levels of pneumonia and lung disease for families living in remote conditions.

The World Health Organisation estimates over 4 million people die each year from the effects of household air pollution from cooking with solid fuels such as open fires. More than 50% of premature deaths among children under five are due to pneumonia caused by particulate matter (soot) inhaled from household air pollution. Reach Out Volunteers will continue its fight in building flued stoves to reduce the levels of pneumonia in these communities.


Working with a community school in the town of Ponta D’Ouro, Reach Out Volunteers has helped build and repair 7 classrooms, 1 set of play equipment and a set of bathrooms with flushing toilets for the boys and girls at the school.