Duration: 28 DAYS

Type: VOLUNTEER – Tax deductible donation included in cost.

Minimum Age: 18 (or with a parent or guardian).

Service Level: STANDARD – Bungalow accommodation on an isolated island and at a jungle sanctuary. Hotel accommodation in Siem Reap. Shared accommodation in Thailand.

Physical Rating: Volunteer Physical Rating 3 – A reasonable level of fitness. An ability to swim is essential.

Program cost excludes flights.

Join Us

For your program you will need to arrive and depart from the following airport/s. Please note you have different arrival and departure airports

Arrival: Phnom Penh International (PNH) – you can arrive at any time between 8am and midnight on the first day of program and we’ll pick you up from the airport.

Departure: Bangkok International (BKK) – you can depart at any time between 8am and midnight on the final day of program and we will drop you off at the airport with time for your flight home.

If you haven’t travelled much, or booked flights before we also offer a flight assistance service in which we help you in booking your flights for program. We’ve booked hundreds of flights for our volunteers, and will make sure you get to where you need to be on the right date. After ten years of international travel we’ve gotten pretty good at it. For more information please take a look on your volunteer profile in the add ons section.


During the first two weeks you will wake to the sound of the rooster and the bracing experience of a bucket shower! You will dive on the coral reefs that surround the island. It is a unique and beautiful experience especially on those days when the water is clear, warm and so inviting. Be a part of establishing the largest man made reef in Cambodia as we build a sustainable fishing environment for the local villagers. The program also includes a trip to Kampot during the return journey to Phnom Penh. A exciting tourist location for young people.

For the third week you will be staying in bungalows at the Cambodian Eco Sanctuary, home to elephants, monkeys, dogs, ducks and more! These animals have been rescued, and are living at the sanctuary to be rehabilitated with your help. There is a vegepatch where much of the food served for your meals is cultivated.

At the start of the final week we will journey across the Thai/Cambodian border. You will be part of a new program that is helping these people transition from the old ways of elephant training and working to a new and more humane approach of establishing an elephant sanctuary. The transition is underway but not without its hiccups. Be part of the change that improves the lives of the local people and the elephants.

What's Included

  • All on ground transport incl. airport transfers
  • All main meals & drinking water
  • All accommodation
  • ROV Project Leader
  • S21 & Killing Fields with Tuk Tuk transport
  • Russian Market with Tuk Tuk transport
  • Two days, one night in Kampot
  • ROV t-shirt

For more details see your Program Booklet.

Why ROV?

  • Your safety is our first priority
  • Our Charity is not for profit
  • Tax deductible donation included in price
  • Projects with integrity driven by village needs
  • 24/7 access to your Team Leader & ROV Head office
  • No "surprise costs" on program
  • Year round funding for the ROV schools & crèches

International volunteering in Cambodia, it's an experience like no other!

Working alongside parents, teachers, kids, grandparents (and grateful elephants), welcomed with open arms in the local community you will find more happiness than you ever imagined.

Basic Itinerary

Subject to change

Your amazing Team Leader will be waiting for you at Phnom Penh Airport (PNH) when you land. Look out for the friendly face wearing an ROV shirt.

Check in to your hotel room and then explore Phnom Penh on a walking tour with other arrivals.

First group dinner at a local restaurant, followed by some time to explore Phnom Penh.

Breakfast at accommodation.

Today you will visit the Killing Fields and the S21 Genocide Museum to learn about Cambodia’s tragic history. You’ll stop for lunch after visiting the killing fields at a local restaurant.

There will be some free time on return to the accommodation venue before heading to the Russian Markets for a “street food” style dinner.

Tomorrow you will be up bright and early as you make your way to the island. This is a good time to stock up on any snacks you may want.

You’ll have breakfast to go this morning as you make your way by bus / van to Sihanoukville. Get ready for some great tunes and singing!

On arrival to Sihanoukville the we’ll stop for lunch at a local restaurant.

You will then head to the pier to catch your boat to the island.

When you arrive, there will be some time to settle into the accommodation (beach style bungalow) before meeting the dive instructors and doing an orientation of the projects you will be involved in.

Dinner is eaten on site at the accommodation. You can then enjoy some free time relaxing by the beach, getting to know your group, playing games etc.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day will be at the accommodation venue.

During your time on the island you will be working towards your Open Water PADI Licence. You will undertake training and then use your new skills to partake in the construction and deployment of coral pods to assist in building a coral reef.

You’ll also be involved in other projects on the island such as beach clean ups etc.

On the weekend there will be the opportunity to visit the other side of the island and spend the day at the beach.

Each night you can relax by the water, enjoy beach bonfires, card games, etc.

Breakfast will be served at the accommodation venue.

After breakfast you will depart the island by boat and make your way back to Sihanoukville. From here you will stop for lunch in town before travelling to Kampot by bus.

On arrival to Kampot you will have some time to settle in to the accommodation venue and relax before dinner.

Dinner will be out at a local restaurant where you can try the famous Kampot Pepper – it is amazing!

Spend the evening exploring Kampot with you group.

Breakfast at the accommodation

This morning you will travel by tuk tuk to the nearby town of Kep and visit the local crab markets. Kep is famous for it’s crab, and you will have the opportunity to try some while you’re there for lunch. If you aren’t a seafood lover, don’t worry, there are plenty of other options.

On return from Kep spend some time relaxing at the accommodation.

Dinner will be at a local restaurant.

After dinner you’ll have the opportunity to explore more of Kampot, walking along the riverside, visiting local markets etc.

Breakfast will be at the accommodation.

After breakfast you will travel by bus back to Phnom Penh.

Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant.

Spend the afternoon exploring Phnom Penh. There are lots of markets, shops, places to get a massage etc.

Enjoy your final night in Phnom Penh with a farewell dinner at a local restaurant, followed by a night out in town. We’ll even treat you to a cocktail / mocktail.

Breakfast at the hotel.

You will then depart early for Siem Reap by bus. This is a great way to see more of Cambodia.

On arrival to Siem Reap, settle in to the accommodation and and enjoy some time to relax before dinner.

Dinner will be out at a local Restaurant, followed by some time to explore the night markets.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Enjoy a walking tour of Siem Reap on a walking tour with any new arrivals.

First group dinner at a local restaurant, followed by a tour of the night markets and some bug tasting for anyone brave enough!

Breakfast at the hotel before being collected by Tuk Tuk to go to the building project. Once you arrive there will be an orientation to introduce you to the community and project you will be working on.

You’ll then get stuck into the project. This may be building a classroom, a house for the disadvantaged, repairs to houses or classrooms, or other projects based on community needs. The projects differ each program set but will always reflect the needs of the communities we work with.

Lunch is on site at the project where you’ll experience traditional Cambodian cooking – it is delicious!

There is some down time after lunch to recoup and relax on a hammock before getting back to work. The remainder of the afternoon is spent working on the project and playing with the children after school.

Enjoy some free time before dinner – relax by the hotel pool, read a good book, play games with the other volunteers or catch up on some Netflix

Tonight dinner will takeout eaten at the hotel. You will then be involved in a language class to help you learn some key Khmer words.

Breakfast at the hotel before being collected by Tuk Tuk to go to the building project.

Project work continues, and you will rotate between tasks with your fellow team mates.

Lunch is again on site where you will get to sample more tasty Khmer food. While you escape the heat of the day enjoy resting on hammocks or playing a game of cards.

You will continue working on your building project and in the afternoon will try and compete against the children playing football – prepare yourself their good!

On return to the accommodation you have some free time to have a shower and relax before dinner.

Tonight you will be treated to a Khmer BBQ where you get to cook your own food right at the table!

Breakfast at the hotel before being collected by Tuk Tuk to go to the building project.

After breakfast you will then drive out to the project site by Tuk Tuk and get back to work on the project. You will be amazed at the progress you have made in just a couple of days and know that you are a part of something that is making such a difference.

Lunch will be served on site, and you will then have some free time to relax before getting back to the afternoon’s project work.

On return to the accommodation you have some free time to have a shower and relax before dinner.

Dinner will be at a restaurant in town. You can then explore the night art markets – this makes for some great souvenir shopping.

Make sure you get your beauty sleep tonight as tomorrow you will be exploring Angkor Wat at sunrise!

Your group will visit Angkor Wat at sunrise. Breakfast will either be at the hotel or takeaway at Angkor Wat.

You will be taken on a guided tour of Angkor Wat temples one of which is the largest religious monuments in the world. You’ll then explore Ta Prohm temple, which was filmed in Tomb Raider and have the opportunity to explore the surrounding temples and be amazed by the beauty of Cambodia’s rich history.

On return from Angkor Wat you will have some free time or have the opportunity to experience the floating villages before dinner.

As a group you will eat dinner at a local restaurant in Siem Reap. Then after dinner you are in for a treat as we take you for a Khmer massage. Your legs will thank us!

  • Breakfast will be served at the accommodation before being transported by Tuk Tuk to the project. This will be your final day on the project, and you will really see the incredible difference you have made. After the morning’s project work there will then be a thank you ceremony with the children in the community – get your camera and tissues ready! Lunch will be eaten on site and you will have some time to relax / play with the children at the school / community before finishing the final tasks on the building project. Your contribution to the project will have a lasting impact to the community for years to come and we are so thankful for all of your hard work.On return from the project you can enjoy some time to relax before going to dinner at a local restaurant. Friday night is then carnival night! We will take you to a local carnival where you can go on some rides or even try some bugs and spiders!

Breakfast is at the accommodation.

This morning is optional activity day, and anyone who has purchased the Kulen Mountain & Circus package will spend the day exploring the waterfalls and then seeing a local acrobatic circus.

For those who have not purchased add ons, you will have the day to yourself to explore Siem Reap, grab a massage, relax by the pool or shop till you drop at the markets.

Dinner will be eaten as a group at a local restaurant.

Those who purchased the add on package will then go to the acrobatic circus. Others can enjoy some free time.

Tomorrow will be an early start as you depart for the Elephant Sanctuary! You might want to purchase some snacks for your journey tomorrow.

After an early breakfast at the accommodation venue, you will depart for the elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

You will stop for lunch at our Eco Sanctuary and then make your way to the border where you will cross into Thailand. From here you will continue your travels to Surin.

On arrival you will be shown to your accommodation for the next week. This will be a homestay where you are stay with volunteers in your group and a local family that has been selected. There will then be orientation and you’ll meet the elephants. Did we mention there are baby elephants?!

Dinner will then be served, followed by a welcome ceremony and blessing.

Please note over the coming days you will be involved in a variety of tasks at the sanctuary. These will change from time to time and are reflective of the current needs of the elephants and community. Groups will rotate throughout the various tasks.

Breakfast, Lunch and dinner each day are served in the local community where you will enjoy wonderfully cooked Thai food.

Each day you will be involved in the following work to assist the elephants and community: planting rice, harvesting sugar cane, preparing food for the elephants, feeding the elephants, cleaning elephant enclosures, bathing the elephants, walking the elephants to nearby lake etc.

During your stay in the sanctuary community, there will also be language & history classes, monk blessings and a day on the lake.

Today you will depart the elephant sanctuary after breakfast and make your way to Bangkok for your final night of the trip.

On arrival to Bangkok you will settle in at the accommodation and then have lunch out at a local restaurant.

There will be time in the afternoon to explore the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and do some shopping.

Dinner will be out at a local restaurant, followed by a night out in Bangkok where you will be treated to a cocktail / mocktail.

Breakfast will be at the accommodation venue, and lunch at a local restaurant.

Volunteers will be departing at various times of the day and will be dropped at Bangkok Airport (BKK).

For more details see your Program Booklet.


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