11 reasons to volunteer with Reach Out Volunteers

When you volunteer with Reach Out Volunteers you will work on sustainable projects developed by local communities that will have a real impact on the quality of live of villagers and on the wildlife that we work to conserve.

Every aspect of our projects has safety as our highest priority. When you volunteer with Reach Out Volunteers you have an entire team supporting you from take-off to the final day of your program.

Community driven projects

At Reach Out Volunteers we believe that to produce a sustainable and long-term difference you must work on community driven projects. Whether you are building greenhouses in Peru, orphanages in South Africa or repairing houses and building classrooms in Cambodia your project will have been developed and supported by the local community.

This way communities get what they want. That’s why the communities love our projects. They are involved in the decision making and building process and there is a great sense of attachment to the projects and to the volunteers who help to deliver on what the communities need most. This allows our volunteers to really get to know communities and individuals on a personal basis.

Projects that make a real difference

With Reach Out Volunteers you will be working on projects that make a real difference to the lives of families, communities and wildlife in developing countries. All of our projects have integrity because they are developed by local people.

With the assistance of Reach Out Volunteers Charity we are helping reduce asthma and cancer levels in families living in remote areas of Peru. We have built water catchments to supply entire villages with access to drinking water throughout the year and soup kitchens to feed children at the orphanages. Reach Out Volunteers continue to build houses for families that don’t have the resources to build their own, and to care for endangered wildlife.

Our Volunteers and groups

With Reach Out Volunteers you will be volunteering with some of the most amazing people from all over the world! Our volunteers share similar ideals and personalities, they want to make the lives of the less fortunate better. In creating groups like this, it allows you to make lifelong friendships with other volunteers, and have to have an outstanding experience that will be full of laughter, great memories and wonderful experiences.


Safety is our highest priority with all our projects. We ensure that we always have safe: drinking water, restaurants, and that all designated activities are done with the highest level of safety. Volunteers will be living in a shared, same sex room (whenever it is available), in clean and hygienic accommodation.

24/7 support

When you land at the set airport on the commencement day of your program, we will have a Reach Out Volunteer Team Leader to meet you at the airport with a friendly smile. If your flight is delayed you can contact Reach Out Volunteers or the Team leader directly to arrange an alternative pick up time, so you wont be stranded at the airport!

You are not “dropped and left” whether it is at the accommodation or the project site. Your Team leader will be with you at all times, staying in the same accommodation facilities. They’ll take you to; the project sites, restaurants, activities and at the end of the program, back to the airport.

Team leaders

Team Leaders are individually selected for temperament, reliability, maturity and personality. All are First Aid Trained and all receive intensive on-site training prior to the programs. Team leaders have emergency phones on them 24/7 incase families need to contact the volunteers. On the rare chance volunteers fall ill, the Team Leaders will take the volunteers to a western medical clinic where we have confidence they will get the best treatment.


All of our projects have blogs which are updated daily by the Team Leaders. These blogs are filled with pictures and stories of the days experiences. This way all family and friends at home can go through the experience with you and will be able to see that you are safe and enjoying yourself.

Extensions! Make your volunteer experience last longer!

An extension is an additional project on your project. You can add a 7, 14, 21, 28 or 35day extension on top of your project! If you choose an extension we will provide on-ground transport to the next program location where we will be waiting to meet you.

All your meals are included!

We think it is unfair to take you to a place your are unfamiliar with and expect you to arrange half of your own meals. We know it happens but you can be assured it never happens on an ROV program.

When you volunteer with Reach Out Volunteers all your meals are included from the day your program commences until lunch on the last day.

We have detailed ‘Get Ready’ kits for your program

Sometimes travelling can be stressful. What to pack, what airport to fly to, travel insurance, etc… With our detailed ‘Get Ready’ kits, you can follow the instructions and know you will be OK. Here is a link to our ‘Get Ready’ kit: http://rovolunteers.com/get-ready/

Do you have more questions?

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